Holy Family Prayer

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Holy Family of Nazareth, may we model ourselves after your example of patience, chastity and hard work, the essentials of family life. May we love each other with the filial love of your home in Nazareth, making space for each other, sharing what we have, promoting peace in all we say and do and reconciling early so that we may advance the glory of God and our own sanctity. Help us to celebrate the good values inherited from our traditions, and purify, through the light of His Word, those areas that need change. Bless us with poverty of spirit to seek His holy will, stay dependent on Him and find meaning in our responsibilities. May we rise to the call to evangelize by being a witnessing family and living the abundant life. The Christian life is a call to joy, while being open to suffer and struggle. May we, in the midst of our daily toils, find the joys of a happy home. By ourselves, we can do nothing; with God we can do everything. We consecrate ourselves to you, O Holy Family of Nazareth, to emulate you and spread your goodness everywhere. Bless our home with the peace of Christ. Amen.