Cornerstone Spirituality

Cornerstone Spirituality enhances ecclesial faith around parishes, and enables the serious lay Catholic moving towards perfection to engage in contemplative action, be a mystic in the daily life, and live in deeper and deeper Trinitarian Communion. It has 8 distinct elements, briefly articulated below:

1. Living a fervent Sacramental Life centred on the Eucharist;

2. Understanding Scripture according to Catholic principles; and,

3. Living the Beatitudes of Christ in a rich fellowship of Gospel Love.

1.Putting in an honest day’s labour;

2. Keeping a full prayer routine in the day;

The Blessed Virgin Mary who pondered the angel's word.

Mary of Bethany who chose "the better part"

3. Pondering the Word like the Blessed Virgin Mary during the day and silent contemplation before the Blessed Sacrament at the feet of the Lord like Mary of Bethany;

4. Being loving with everyone; and,

5. Making a small secret daily sacrifice to honour our Lord.