Prayer of the Student of the Word

Jesus, the way, truth and the life, in whom are hidden all treasures of knowledge and wisdom, you have called me to be your student, I surrender all my understanding before you. You are one who in an instant can elevate the humble soul to perfect and comprehensive understanding. You teach without noise of words, confusion of opinion, ambition of honour and strife of argument. I thirst for you, O Eternal Word, Holy True One, who open the pleasant field of the Scriptures and enlighten the eyes of my heart. In silence and quiet, the devout soul communes deeply and makes much progress. Teach me what I need to know and keep away everything irrelevant. Speak Lord, your servant is listening, you have the words of eternal life. Speak into my heart, O Lord, as only you can. Speak, and I will do it. Mary, Handmaiden of the Lord, help me treasure the Word in my heart and do His will as you have always done. Amen.